About Us

What we do . . .

We help people here in Texas go shopping for health insurance for individuals, families and children with quotes and coverage information that's hopefully easy to understand.

Over ten years ago, we set our agency up to help people go shopping for health insurance. First, we try to keep this as simple as we possibly can. Many of these policies are what we call PPO policies, which simply means that with certain companies, you have to be using certain doctors to have the co-pay benefits. In your report, you're going to find web sites so you can be sure your doctors, hospitals, etc. will work with the policy you're considering.

After reviewing the information, call us and we can answer any questions you have about the policy you're considering, or the insurance company or even opinions or help. Since we represent all the companies, we don't have any favorites and will help you any way we can.

If you find one you like, it's a simple process. Download the application or we can just send the paperwork out to you, fill it out, return it back to us and we make the connection with the insurance company for you. And, we're here to service your policy. Through the years, we've tried to recommend good policies with good companies and at reasonable prices we are also here to service you, a formula that has worked for our clients, and we hope it will work for you here in Texas. We'll work hard to earn your business!