Privacy Policy

The Health Insurance Network has been committed to our clients since 1990. All information we gather from you is kept in strict confidence....always has been, always will be. We utilize a variety of encryption and other security technologies to secure data received from you.

The information you give us on the “quote” page is necessary to give you accurate quotes for health insurance policies. Your e-mail address is used to send the quotes to you. We will not contact you by phone or e-mail unless you request us to do so. All information stays within our agency and is shared with no other entity.

Our site contains links to other web sites not controlled by us. No information you give us is transferred to them. However, we cannot assume responsibility for the privacy practice or content of these sites.

Should you apply for insurance, then the insurance company will have any information required by the application. Each company brochure and/or application will explain their privacy policy.

The relationship with our agency and our clients is based upon trust. We make a commitment to you that your personal information, phone number, E-mail, etc. will be kept in confidence by us.