Top Ten things you need to know about Health Insurance

  1. Assess your needs.  Do you go to the doctor often?  If so, what for?  Are you taking prescriptions?  For what conditions.  Are you eligible for an individual policy?  Do you have access to group coverage?
  2. Do you need special coverage like maternity benefits?
  3. Go with a major company, preferably with an A rating
  4. Check with the Texas Department of Insurance and/or your agent if you have any questions about the company itself.
  5. Use an agent to help you.  It costs no more to use their service than if you went directly to the company.
  6. Does the agent specialize in health insurance or do they sell it along with everything else?
  7. Use an agent that has been in the business a long time, not just a few years or months.
  8. Set your budget and know what price range the agent can use.
  9. Everyone needs good comprehensive Major Medical coverage.  But what about doctor copays, prescription cards and physical exams?  That coverage really runs the cost up.
  10. Finally, buy Health Insurance like you do Auto and Homeowners coverage.  Buy it like you’re never going to use it.  Get as high of a deductible as you can stand.